Felt strips for box spring

Felt strips for box spring

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Felt strips for box spring


For box spring with screwed footboards, use the felt strips with your bed bug encasement

How to proceed ?

  1. Unscrew the bed legs.
  2. Slide the encasement* along your box spring.
  3. Drill small holes in the encasement at equal distance to the bed legs.
  4. If necessary, enlarge the hole in the centre of the felt strips to fit the size of the screws in the bed legs.
  5. Place the felt strips on the encasement, overlapping the holes in the felt strips with those in the encasement.
  6. Screw on the bed legs.

*Warning : measure the thickness of your box spring, in order to choose the right encasement :


ø 80 mm and 5 mm thickness

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